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Translation for Different Industries

You can get connected with people not only on the basis of their native language but also through the dialect they speak, and this is a powerful way to appeal to them. HumanTranslation understands that communication is like music and each note should sound properly, that’s why we set ambitious tasks for our experts to deliver perfect naturally sounding pieces with a particular target audience in mind.

Another pillar is the knowledge of the industry: a person who does not know much about the subject will be too superfluous or go into unnecessary details or miss the context altogether. The work is best explained by the one who actually does it! However, not all “doers” have good teaching and communication skills, and translators fill the gap here.

HumanTranslation: Your Reasonable Choice

We are sure that your business is worth being noted on the global market, and there are many customers across the globe waiting for you to reach out to them. We will make sure you have a well-managed communication channel with your customers.

Sometimes you just need a series of documents running smoothly to keep your business operating at a steady pace, and we will ensure timely delivery of any legal, medical, or technical texts that you may need for that.

We know too well that a translation mistake sometimes costs a lot, so we stick to a proven pool of translators and have a strict quality assurance routine in place.

We focus on the client

When do we start searching for a best-matching expert to fulfill your order? The good answer is right away! You will be updated on the translation progress at any time, so you can rest assured there will be no delays.

Pricing: no hidden catch

Place an order and receive an instant quote to know the exact time and cost. We know how important transparency is and do our best to maintain it.

Speed is important

Do you need quick translations? We will make sure that you get your order on time as we have a network of experts in different parts of the globe to address your request.












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