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Best Business Translation Services for Your Company

Every company is now attempting to have a global outreach as present-day technologies favor this approach, which means that they need to communicate with their target audience with the help of posts, articles, reports, and so on.

Business communication is a separate art as you need to share something with your audience that will make them interested, loyal, and inspired. The company brand is hard to build (as the process is time-consuming and requires a lot of creativity) and, unfortunately, easy to ruin if your appeal to the audience is not clear enough.

With all that in mind, we at HumanTranslation focus on high-quality business translation services that will hopefully raise your business to a new level. No matter what the scope of your project is, our team of seasoned business translators will provide the accuracy you need and do their best to satisfy any other specific requirements. Some companies adopt a serious expert-like approach to customer communications, while others tend to be light and playful, and we can fit into any framework you need.

Quality Business Document Translation Services

When a business expands to a foreign country, it has two typical barriers to overcome: use the peculiarities of the local language in a beneficial way and come to terms with the country’s regulators and governmental authorities. HumanTranslation helps companies to successfully enter new promising markets and establish a connection with the target audience through high-quality translated content.

Financial reports, corporate documentation, promotional materials – all those need a human touch and make up a part of our daily services provided to companies.

Another concern is, of course, privacy. Companies often need their information to be absolutely confidential and rest assured it will not get into the competitors’ hands under any circumstances. Each of our translators signs an NDA that legally binds them before they start working on your documents, and we also rely on safe encryption technologies to secure any communication.

Our business translation agency know all peculiarities of the industry quite well and have the expertise allowing them to produce high-quality pieces that will enhance your company’s image.

  • Website Content
  • Technical Documentation
  • Sales & Promotional Documentation
  • Financial Reports
  • Employee Guides

Translators That Can Be Trusted

HumanTranslation cooperates with small, medium, and large businesses on a wide range of translation projects and focuses on ensuring high quality and delivering value. Companies need the support of a whole team of specialists in international communications to ensure their meaningful presence in a foreign market, and we have every possibility to be your partner in this complicated procedure.

The success of your undertaking depends on many factors, of course. However, high-quality localized materials play a key role in the communication between your employees and foreign customers.

Your business really matters, and so does your company message that you want to communicate to the world, and we at HumanTranslation know very well how important it is to preserve it. We assign localization tasks to human translators with sufficient experience in the industry who can successfully focus on your corporate needs.

Benefits of using business translation

Business translation is at top of the pyramid. As you know, business starts with communication, and successful communication is followed by the exchange of legal or technical documentation, and so on.

If your company is actively growing and expanding to new markets, it will need a lot of professional business translation services.

Why choose an agency rather than freelance translators? Let’s be clear and honest on this matter and see what real benefits a translation agency can bring to your company.

High Quality

A freelance translator has only himself to rely on, while a translation agency has room for experimentation. It takes time to select a pool of best translators (considering many parameters) and uses AI software to yield a really good result. In short, synergy always wins.


We all like it when people speak to us in a language that we understand, and your target audience is no exception. You need to strike the right chord when you are a newcomer on the market and when you want to consolidate your reputation. An agency has a network of specialists where we can find the one who is not only proficient in his or her language pair but also knows how to appeal to the public in a particular locality using words and nothing more than words.

Close ties with clients

Clients enjoy it immensely if they see that you treat them as special ones. For example, people living in France and in the Canadian province of Quebec both speak French. However, the texts written for them should be different to show that you share their local values, not just the language. And we can find the right expert who will do that for you.


A company usually needs a lot of documents to be translated, and they should all follow the same style, otherwise, the impression of your company will be ambiguous. A freelancer may be busy doing other projects, and you will have to search for another one – with a different style, of course.

If you address an agency, you may have the privilege of a special small team of translators who will do the job for you, and – what is really important – a dedicated editor who will make sure that your documentation is consistent throughout.

Compliance with laws

Each country has its laws that regulate communication in the field of marketing. In what way should you advertise your services not to infringe the laws? Can you mention your services openly or are there any special conditions that you should fulfill?

A translation agency has encountered far more such issues than an average freelancer, so you can rely on its knowledge base with confidence. Mistakes do happen, but a specialized translation agency is a chance to minimize them.

FAQ about the business translation

I need strict confidentiality as the document is extremely sensitive. Can I trust you?
You can trust us in the same way you trust any company you conclude an agreement with. We enter into an NDA agreement with each of our translators, which ensures compliance with your requirements. If you want a separate NDA for your project, we can discuss that.
Can I get my document translated urgently?
Of course, we can speed up the usual deadlines within reasonable limits. If you need 3 pages within 2 hours, this can be solved in most cases. 200 pages within 5 hours is an impossible thing to do. No matter how many translators we engage (even if we distribute 1 page to each of the 200 translators), we will need a period of time during which one(!) editor will read the whole(!) text to make it sound well.
How do you guarantee the quality of the work delivered?
How do you guarantee the quality of the work delivered?

  •         We engage only translators with appropriate qualifications for the job

  •         They all have expertise in the appropriate field

  •         Our translators translate only into their mother tongue

  •         We follow the industry QA standard: translation – editing – proofreading