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Marketing Translation Services to Boost Your Sales

If you want to take your sales to the top level and make sure that the search engines see you as visible to your target audience online, you will need quality localized materials. HumanTranslation has the experts who can provide marketing and SEO marketing services to reach out to more people.

English is an international language that most people understand. Still, addressing consumers in a local language as part of your SEO strategy is a much better way of making your company known. You reduce the distance between you and a potential buyer, and this finally brings you loyal clients.

Online content may be a hard task to deal with because you will need to take into account many factors. The approach to SEO differs from language to language and from culture to culture, that’s why many companies prefer entrusting this work to professionals. We can help you with the whole process of marketing ideas implementation, from start to end. In particular, we can translate the following content for you:

  • Landing page
  • Keyword research
  • Page titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions
  • Specific search engine research

Rocket your business with HumanTranslation by understanding user intent and behavior changes between countries, cultures, and regions

Marketing Translation Agency’s Native Speakers doing SEO

Our state-of-the-industry translation algorithm makes it possible to handle large volumes and successfully deal with localization assignments and technical SEO projects. The translation workflow can be distributed to several translators who will still keep in touch to ensure consistency, which means that we can meet tight deadlines without deterioration of quality.

Your customers should never have any suspicion they are reading a translated text: it should be a naturally sounding piece of communication that speaks to them and accurately delivers the intended message, winning their trust and loyalty step by step. That’s why our marketing translators are those who know that you don’t need a mere translation: you want a text that will ensure traffic and conversions, and this is something they are going to deliver.

Your Trusted Marketing Translation Company

Business thrives in places where you can find a lot of people, and today it is the Internet that you can consider a universal global marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. People need your products and services, and you have to address their needs to be ranked high by search engines. HumanTranslation specializes in SEO translations that will make your business visible and improve communication with your customers no matter where they are based.

If you need specialists who are aware of the latest SEO trends and industry standards, you can rely on our worldwide pool of HumanTranslation’s linguists. They know that translation is one thing but localization is another one, and you will not get many customers unless you speak their language. There are many companies that successfully support their websites and portals in many languages thanks to our help.

Our translators have relevant certificates in international SEO, so you can rest assured that our marketing services will make it possible for you to reach out to a much wider audience than now.

Types of marketing materials that we translate




Good marketing is about personal touch with the audience (and we will repeat this time and again), and newsletters serve the purpose quite well. Communicate with your customers to get leads and sell to a wider circle of interested people. After all, this is your goal, isn’t it? A newsletter translated into the native language of your customers is an efficient solution that enjoys popularity with global companies.


We at HumanTranslation regard ads as sensitive materials that need special care. Want to conquer foreign markets? What you need is to comply with local laws and respect the habits and culture of a particular community. It practically means that you should not be straightforward when translating ads – but nor are you advised to be overly sophisticated. The secret of good advertising translation services lies in the proper balance between these two poles.


What is more important, the candy or the wrapper? This is the marketing version of the chicken and egg question.

Well, the candy you offer can be absolutely delicious- and still it is the wrapper should attract the client’s attention first. A well-translated presentation is actually a wrapper: we start with presenting some goods or ideas, internally or externally, before reaping the harvest. And your wrapper shine thanks to our efforts!

Websites & Apps

These are essential marketing elements, your silent representatives that are always there to inform, communicate, and attract, while you are asleep or busy doing something else. However, they require constant maintenance and updating, and we at HumanTranslation do our best to deliver your fresh content within the shortest terms possible to keep your customers engaged.

Press releases

If a company regularly publishes press releases, it means that it is successfully operating, developing, changing, evolving, and – in one word – living. All that activity attracts clients and investors and focuses ever-increasing attention on your company. We will translate the press releases to ensure that you stand out among similar companies.

Printed materials

The world is being digitalized at a tremendous speed, of course. Is the printed word dead? No way – long live the printed word! People still need the touch of something real, and good-quality paper with captivating texts and attractive pictures can serve as an ideal instrument to attract more leads. And we at HumanTranslation will do our best to make the text really outstanding.


Marketing Translation – FAQ

How do I understand that I need transcreation services?
When you order marketing translation services, you get the message in one language rendered in another one to sound identical. However, marketing is about impact, and you surely want your text to appeal to a particular target audience. If this is true, you will need to formulate a kind of specification for a transcreation expert to understand in what way you want to influence the target audience and what to induce them to do. And if you need your text to be configured for this task, it means that you will need to transcreate your translated content.
I want to translate marketing texts into several languages. Can you handle this project?
Yes, we have all the capacity and infrastructure in place that are required for such large-scale projects. We at HumanTranslation know how to control the workflow at every stage, so you may rest assured that you will get the translation on time.
How do you ensure the high quality of your marketing translations?
The success of any work relies on two things: you need to find a person who knows how to do it and who has been doing it for a long time to everyone’s satisfaction. Sounds easy, but we have spent years to find such translators, and they are the best guarantee of our quality.

Second, there is one thing in common between translation and ballet: you have to start very early to succeed. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language who started acquiring the feel of the language when they were babies. And this is another proof of quality that we can give to you.