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Your Time to Shine with Our Media Translation Services

Your presence online is an important component of your brand, and sometimes it is the decisive one. You cannot have global coverage unless you provide localized communication pieces to your customers at a steady rate.

And while online presence seems easy, the main goal is to be noticed rather than just present. This requires high-quality content that is properly localized to engage, inspire, and captivate your target audience in every corner of the world.

If you seek to expand to global markets, you will need a whole package of media translations into different languages to keep your customers’ attention. HumanTranslation provides different kinds of media translation, including:

  • Posts on the social media
  • Overviews done by users
  • Emails with marketing materials
  • Documentary videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Articles to be published online

Multimedia Translations: High-Quality Instruments for Your Company

Companies currently have many more opportunities than before to reach out to the wide public across the globe, but they have to do so wisely. We have a pool of professional translators who are native speakers of the target language you need and are naturally immersed in the country’s culture.

Entrust your project to a native speaker with the right cultural background to attract more readers and engage them in a way they will understand.

Are you seeking ways to reach out to the target audience worldwide using online marketing techniques, social media content, or sending newsletters? In this case, your content should be converted between different languages rather than simply translated to hit the mark.

Expert Media Translations

At HumanTranslation, we have gathered hundreds of native-speaker translators from across the globe that have been working in your industry for years. Each expert has experience with the type of media you are going to translate and has sufficient knowledge of the subject to present the material in an engaging way.

We take care of our customers’ time and money, so you can rest assured that our managers will handle your multimedia project with due care to ensure it is delivered on time.

HumanTranslation’s experts are proficient in communicating with the audience from across the world, and you can take advantage of our system to publish your materials in no time.

Types of Media Texts



News articles

Break news to your subscribers in no time! We can support your communications with the audience in multiple languages on an ongoing basis to ensure you keep in touch and get the leads you need.

Social media posts

Want success with your posts? Localize them and target them at the selected audience rather than attempt to make a global appeal. People get easily engaged if they feel that they are special to you, so this is exactly what you should do with your targeted social media posts. And we will help you with them!


The information presented in this format is usually easy to perceive and can be used to engage and entertain your readers. More attention is just what you need! And we will help you translate the content you provide.

Mobile applications and games

You probably know that the majority of users will find your company by using a mobile phone, which means that your mobile content should be up to the mark. And we can localize it for you to reach your goals.

Translations to be published

Such texts require special attention as they have to comply with the highest quality standards. We have a stringent quality assurance process to ensure that the materials will be provided to you ready for publication.

Publishing translators are the people that are taken little notice of as they simply do their job sitting somewhere in front of the computer. However, they break the news and bring progress to multiple homes by preparing quality printed materials in multiple languages.

Translations that will be published are made by our creative writers who love this meditative art of searching for the right words to express the shades of meaning. They seek the balance between the preservation of the original meaning and getting the message across to captivate the target audience. Our team knows very well how to handle this process with enough freedom and creativity – and due care.

Translations for journalists

All spheres of life, from local and global news that are of interest to nearly everyone and up to specific areas that will be read by a handful of specialists, generate chunks of information that need to be translated quickly into multiple languages. Reporters and journalists need a lot of foreign sources translated quickly to do their job, and they need highly accurate information to rely on.

We at HumanTranslation provide translations for all existing printed sources, and the translators who specialize in this field are used to working under tight deadlines to allow getting information hot on the spot.

No matter whether your order is large or small, we will use our best editors and proofreaders to help you distribute your information worldwide.

We understand quite well that there is no room for mistakes in journalism, so our experts take responsibility and provide top accuracy and precision. Our translators know the ropes, so the content you need for any journalistic task will be perfectly made within the shortest terms possible.

Media Translation: FAQ

The content for social media tends to be light. Can machine translation be used for it?
Machine translation can be used to understand the essence, and this is a general rule. You can use it to see what people write in comments to your post, but definitely not to translate the text itself.

You would probably agree that people need much more from your promotional or information texts than just the essence. They want excitement, fun and entertainment, and machine translation is not the right tool to play linguistic games with people! Only a human can play (in diverse ways), lure, and juggle words skillfully enough to attract people.

Therefore, we would recommend not limiting yourself to translation but ordering transcreation for your social media to generate enough interest and leads.
Is proofreading a mandatory stage of the translation process?
If the document you want us to translate is not expected to go outside your company and is only distributed internally to a handful of employees, then you probably don’t need the translation with every word double-checked. Just tell us about us, and we will skip the proofreading phase.

However, most documents are handed over to a second person who is not a translator to minimize any possible errors. Well, nobody is perfect! So if your document can potentially be shared with a wide circle of persons, we do not recommend omitting this stage.
I have a lot of pages that I need to be translated in 24 hours. Will you help me?
Contact our manager to get a precise answer as there are many factors to consider. Text complexity and required quality are the decisive ones, and the availability of our experts matters as well.

The easiest situation to handle is when you have a simple text that needs basic good quality as it will not be published or widely distributed or presented to officials. Otherwise, we will have to look at it on a case-by-case basis.