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Quality Medical Translation Service by Seasoned Experts

HumanTranslation can be your reliable partner when it comes to medical translations in various fields. If you intend to be a really global company that competes with strong players, you will have to rely on the best quality medical translations available, and we can provide them to you.

The pharmaceutical and medical industries are among the fastest-growing ones (you can never have too much when it comes to good medical care!), and companies have to keep their records wisely to meet the ever-growing compliance requirements. We provide accurate translations of various documents to manufacturers of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare managers, including:

  • Medical reports and records
  • Scientific research & clinical trials
  • Hospital discharge documents
  • Medical insurance documents
  • Medical supplies and charts

Medical Document Translation Services at Your Service

The medical sphere has too many peculiarities to entrust it to non-professional translators, and no wonder you will need human translation by an experienced specialist with a medical background or experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Expertise in your specific area is another factor that will help in delivering documents of the desired quality and accuracy.

HumanTranslation has established cooperation with several companies in the field of medical and pharmaceutical translations, and we can include you in this community of customers who receive quality translation services. Have a try – and it is sure to last for long!

Medical translations are vital, and many doctors and patients from across the globe rely on them and need them done quickly and accurately. HumanTranslation uses its global pool of certified translators (native speakers of the target language) that have a medical background. As soon as your project has been received, our manager will start looking for the best professional to match your criteria.

The text you provide should be translated not only accurately and competently but also with appropriate style and in a culturally appropriate manner, and this is the reason why we engage native speakers: the cost may be higher, but the result will pay off.

Expert Medical Translation Company for Healthcare Services

Any healthcare entity needs medical translations, and our team receives a lot of orders from such organizations based in different parts of the planet. We help healthcare workers get high-quality documents translated on time, and here are some examples:

  • Informed consent forms
  • Patient information booklets
  • Clinical study agreements
  • Research & case studies
  • Multilingual healthcare websites

Types of Medical Translation

Type of medical translation


Pharmaceutical translations

This is a separate branch of medical translation that is developing as actively as pharmaceutical companies do. They need to order translations of a considerable number of documents before and after the drug is marketed as the requirements set by different markets are quite strict. We at HumanTranslation have been successfully dealing with such documentation to help the world’s leading companies bring their innovative products to foreign markets.

Translation for Contract Research Organizations

These are specialized entities in the medical field that implement complex projects outsourced to them by pharmaceutical companies, such as clinical trials and other kinds of research. As soon as the research is complete, experts generate a lot of reports made according to special requirements which need to be translated into multiple languages.

Software for medical purposes

Medical software needs to be translated, localized, and sometimes adapted, and we have the required resources to make communication between humans and machines as seamless as possible.

Websites of medical companies

Medical services, like any other services, need to be advertised. A website is a tool that ensures meaningful communication with your target audience, and we will help you create the texts that really bear fruit.

Transcription of medical messages

Sometimes a doctor records a message to instruct the medical staff on patient treatment or describe the state of his or her health, and this is confidential information that we can turn into text and translate for your convenience.

Translation for vets

How is veterinary science connected with human health? Well, animal diseases can directly affect the food we eat, resulting in serious consequences. We can help you with the translation of documentation related to the sanitary control of food products.

 Become a global player

Do you feel the need to expand to global markets to offer your medical products and services to a wider range of people? This involves a great deal of communication work in multiple languages to various cultures, as well as compliance with different local standards when it comes to documentation. You are probably aware of this, and you are looking for a language service provider you can trust.

Take advantage of HumanTranslation to:

  • Benefit from our strict confidentiality requirements
  • Get access to a pool of reliable translators who have been with us for years, delivering impeccable texts and growing in experience along with each company we serve and project we complete
  • Use our time-proven quality assurance process for medical documents that leaves no room for errors in this sensitive area

Compliance matters

If you need to translate the documents for the United States, the European Union, or Japan, you should be aware of the fact that these countries have the strictest regulatory requirements that have to be adhered to. The costs saved on translation are not worth the risk you may face, so be especially careful when you choose a language provider to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Our documents are translated by certified medical translators and edited by medical professionals to ensure that they meet the highest standards. We are confident that your company deserves the best, and we are prepared to invest all our resources into your prosperity.

Medical Translation: FAQ

Do you translate all kinds of documents at one price?
No, we don’t. Our price reflects the job done, and there are factors that make our experts work longer, like a blurred scan or a handwritten document. We charge an additional fee in such cases.
Do you use machine translation?
We do use artificial intelligence for some purposes: we keep a terminology base and store translation memories to have examples of translations for a particular client. And while these serve as great reference materials, the translation job itself is done exclusively by humans. We believe that only a person can communicate something meaningful to another person.
Do you outsource your translations to other agencies?
No, we don’t. We focus on working with highly-skilled freelancers to deliver good-quality materials.
Can you preserve the original layout?
The answer is positive in all cases. However, if there are a lot of elements that require desktop publishing services, we can charge extra for that.