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Technical Translation Services by True Pros

If you translate technical information, you always need to be as precise and unambiguous as possible. However, this becomes essential if we are talking about such important areas as engineering, medical equipment, and business processes.

The peculiarity of these fields is that you need to share complex ideas via different types of documentation, and you cannot make a single mistake, or the whole concept will collapse. This is always a challenge, but our translators usually cope with it quite successfully.

HumanTranslation is a company with a reputation as an excellent full-cycle technical translation provider. All of our technical translators are native speakers of the target language that have extensive expertise in the field, and your technical documentation will be clear and understandable for the foreign technical specialists and all those who will read it.

Here are the documents we typically deal with:

  • Documentation related to medical equipment
  • All kinds of engineering documents that describe products, like drawings and manuals
  • Technical translation of documentation for end users (different manuals and guides)
  • Technical + legal: patents, data sheets, and so on.

HumanTranslation also cooperates with global companies that order technical documentation to be translated into different languages. They rely on us as a time-proven language services provider that can successfully handle this specific field which requires dealing with complex concepts, on the one hand, and a combination of precision and creative language solutions, on the other hand.

Technical Document Translation Services: Speed and Ease

HumanTranslation has been doing the job of matching the best translator to the relevant project for over 15 years. We see more about your translation than you can imagine, so you can safely entrust us the task of analysis and finding the best translator to please your target audience.

We value each order and take every effort to meet your specifications to the minutest detail. To optimize the workflow, our manager will start working on your order as soon as you have put in a relevant request.

Our translation process is based on intermediary control to ensure that the progress of your project is steady and schedule-based. Quality assurance is a separate stage, and we review each document to meet your instructions and expectations.

Your Trusted Technical Translation Agency

HumanTranslation is very strict on the terms of cooperation, so we engage only technical translators with a technical degree and experience in the industry.

Whatever industry you represent, you are sure to be assigned the most suitable translator for your project who is a native speaker of the target language and has impressive experience in dealing with technical documentation in your area.

There is one word that the technical translation rests upon, and this is consistency. The nature of technical documentation sets high requirements for the consistency of terminology used in your project, and our specialists meet them by compiling glossaries and sharing them with all colleagues involved to ensure quality.

What you need to finally communicate the message to your customers clearly and precisely is to approve the glossary that our translators will use throughout your projects.

HumanTranslation provides technical translation services on a 24/7 basis, and you can share your vision with us so that we could better meet your expectations. Achieve your ambitious goals with the help of our experts, and we will do our best to comply with tight deadlines. Do not hesitate to entrust your technical projects to us – and this may be the first step to fruitful cooperation and, ultimately, your prosperity.

Tech Documents We Translate

HumanTranslation boasts a considerable pool of specialists who can handle with various tech stuff, and we would like to tell you about each kind of text in greater detail.


This is a separate tech translation sphere as each expert that specializes in patents has to strike the right balance between the art of wording and strict adherence to local requirements.

A good patent translator is a special person who can:

  • Adhere to particular requirements set for patents in a relevant country
  • Know the industry well enough to have at least some idea of the invention being patented
  • Comply with legal requirements set for patents in a particular country

And, in addition to the formal requirements listed above, the text should still read well and clearly convey all the required points. No wonder we look at our patent translators as wizards who can do incredible things.

User Manuals

If you ask a translator that specializes in user manuals about the main feature which makes this kind of translation stand apart from others, he or she would definitely mention objectivity.

While patents and articles in different journals can contain the author’s opinion, a user manual has to be completely unbiased. No human factor is allowed here, just the how-to-do instructions! And this is what these specialists have been trained to do very well.

The experts that translate user manuals are commonly known as “technical writers”, and they combine expertise in a particular area and the ability to grasp complex things, on the one hand, and the talent of turning tech descriptions into clear, simple, and informative sequences, on the other hand.

Software Strings

This area of translation seems easier as it does not contain many technical terms or overly difficult concepts. And still, the expert should have some expertise to clearly understand the operations behind the scenes to successfully localize the software.

This area does set its requirements, too: sufficiently simple wording to create what we call “user-friendliness”, and the number of characters is usually limited, requiring the translator to be as succinct as possible.

Equipment Documentation

Improper use of equipment may result in risks to health and safety. The equipment imported from different countries has to be supplied with clearly written documentation to mitigate the risks that are inherent in any equipment.

Keeping that in mind, we deal with professional translators who specialize in equipment-related documents and deliver the materials that help people anywhere on the planet to properly use, maintain and repair all kinds of equipment.

FAQ on Tech Translation
What do you mean by “technical translation”?
The documentation that will need to be handled by a technical expert typically contains a lot of tech jargon or specialized terms or is traditionally perceived as a tech document (patents, drawings, etc.).
How hard is it to find a qualified tech translator?
These days you will easily stumble upon a lot of tech writers on the market. A challenging task is to spot the one who has an excellent command of both languages and possesses the expertise in the tech area to yield the result you want.
Why is human translation still better? Machine translation seems to cope well with technical documents
Well, a human cannot compete with a machine when it comes to speed. But speed is not the only parameter you need: consistency still has to be checked. In addition, let’s mention one thing that the AI still does not deliver: text that reads well by a human.