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We provide a 100% human translation of documentation or website content into multiple languages. All you need to do is to send your text to us, and we will assign it to an expert in no time.

Professional Translation Services 24/7

Do you know that not all words from a dictionary “speak” to the wide public. There are sometimes twenty possible ways of getting the message across, and it is only a pro that has the natural feel of the language to select the most appropriate one. This is the way to make that invisible connection between you and your target audience that will bear fruit in the end.

The cost of a wrong translation can be rather high and misleading your customer may result in long-term legal consequences or the destruction of your business reputation. Never use cheap translation services for an important document as you can potentially lose much more than the negligible amount saved.

Is your brand visible enough?

If you are not satisfied with your brand’s visibility, we can help. Ultimately, the success of any business depends on the number of customers it managed to reach. Create the content that will improve visibility – jointly with HumanTranslation!

The text is more than just a text

The translation is an instrument of building your business reputation and not a replacement of words in one language with those from another one.

Go global

If you are conducting an international business, the language may become a barrier to overcome, but never a limit to stop you. And we will take care of that!

Optimal Translation Quality

Customers don’t like difficulties! The Internet provides so many opportunities that there is just no point in overcoming any barriers if you can simply switch to something easier and more understandable. Therefore, your customers need to be informed, entertained, and even lured in their native language, and this is where our official translation services come in useful.

The translation done by professionals is meant to inspire, influence, and set the trend. And these are ambitious tasks for a mere text, so the work is not as simple as it may seem. Global customers converge on one thing: they want clarity and emotions! And this is something you should give them, and we will do our best to provide this type of content to you.

Technical documentation, such as drawings, blueprints, and manuals, requires precision. While any error in a humanitarian science will not be fatal in the majority of cases, an error in the technical field is simply unacceptable. We rely on a global team of experienced technical translators who know the ropes and will provide the quality you need.

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The world is changing quickly, and you need to address the audience with updates quite often. We at HumanTranslation will help you to easily keep pace.

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Successful communication with clients, counterparties, and partners is an essential part of business, and HumanTranslation translators will help you handle this task without much hassle.

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Legal documents are an important part of communication between global partners as they need to clearly understand each other’s intentions, terms, and liability in case of default. These things need to be presented in the local language, and we will do that for you.

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This is a very sensitive area where precision matters even more than in the technical field. We will help you translate clinical trials, reports, and medical equipment manuals by engaging certified medical translators with impressive expertise in the subject.

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Communication with the target audience is the key to the prosperity of your business, and we take special care of marketing materials. Our translators focus on retaining the original intended message to your customers and use naturally sounding language that has every chance to appeal to the public. Bad marketing materials are the biggest mistake you can make in business.

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Certified Translation Services

If you need to submit translated documents to an official body, you will need to order certified translation services.

They focus on two things:

  • Completeness
  • Accuracy

If you apply for a certificate, license, or visa, no official in issuing organization knows who you actually are and whether you deserve to get it. The only thing that confirms your eligibility is a document that represents all your merits in a precise and exhaustive manner.

Do you understand now why high-quality certified translation is a service that matters? The document you will get is intended to represent you personally, and you don’t want a bad representative, do you?

Completeness: first must-have

Certified translation is all about strict rules that a translator must follow. What makes it good is striking the right balance between literal translation without omissions and naturally-sounding language.

If you get the job done by our professionals, you may rest assured that no text was added or removed, and no additional meaning was derived to create a wrong impression.

Some documents are easily handled to comply with this requirement, like marriage certificates that contain mainly words. However, if you have full sentences to translate, the certified translation has to render every nuance.

Why is that important? Official recipients require certified translations from applicants to get an exact representation of the original source document to make a decision.

Accuracy: second must-have

Distortion in meaning may entail consequences: you will be turned down and fail to get a visa or a license. We keep our certified translations free from distortions by using in-house quality assurance processes.

First, the translator that delivers the certified translation piece must be a proficient speaker of both languages. The balance between understanding and conveying is an art, but we make this art measurable and controllable.

Our standards are about hiring highly-qualified human translators that are suitable for the task of delivering certified translations. We can also provide a free revision to make sure that the final piece hits the target.

We guarantee that the certified translation specialist is not personally related to the document owner (which may affect the final result), and we can engage a notary to certify the document for you to have every proof of required accuracy.

In-house certified translation standards

Before the text is delivered to you, it undergoes a quality assurance process that includes editing and proofreading (the industry’s gold standard). If you want, your certified translation may be checked by multiple editors at an additional fee.

Even if you order standard business quality, our specialists will do their job perfectly at every stage of the process. We take pride in our team that delivers awesome certified translation pieces within short terms.


In a nutshell: Q&A

1. What is a certified translation?

This is a high-quality human translation of documents by certified translators that meet established requirements. The specialists must be proficient in the relevant language pair and ensure completeness and accuracy. Pieces of certified translation are usually done for official institutions, such as educational, governmental, or legal bodies.

2. Notarized and certified translation: any difference?

The certified translation has one layer of validation: it is signed by the translator or the agency’s authorized person. The signature proves that the certified translation was done accurately, without omissions, by a specialist that possesses sufficient qualifications.

The notarized translation adds a second layer as it validates the authenticity of certification by establishing the signatory’s identity. In this case, the recipient will be assured that the translation is certified correctly.

3. How do you count the pages of the certified translation?

The translation industry has its standard for page count that we follow. One page equals 250 words with blanks (numbers included), so you can divide the total word count by 250 and see the number of pages to order.

 4. How quickly can I get my certified translation piece?

The fastest way is to send your text to our manager and get the assessment!

Approximate figures look as follows: we will need 24 hours for a 3-page document, and 12 hours for fast-track certified translation.

5. Can I give my suggestions to the translator?

Yes, you can. We usually request to provide precise information that cannot be distorted, like the spelling of names.